3 Best Sofa Sleeper Styles

The bedroom is the most integral area of the house where everyone relaxes and has complete privacy. If, however, you have some temporary guests or a number of guests staying over at your place and your apartment or house is either not large enough to accommodate them or you do not have a separate guestroom, what you need then is a sofa sleeper. We will enlighten you about the top 3 sofa sleeper styles, so that even if you don’t want to purchase a sofa sleeper from some furniture stores, you can get one made by your very own carpenter. Sofa sleepers provide you with the luxury of making your living room look stylish without looking extra crammed in, and whenever you are sleepy, it will just take a minute to turn it into a comfortable sleeper.

The top most best selling sofa sleeper design is Kayla from American Leather/ American Upholstery. With its perfect and comfortable looks, it has loose cushions which have low arches towards the arms. If you don’t have a lot of space to accommodate a bed, this is the best buy since it can fit in narrow hallways and doorways. This sofa sleeper has a hardwood frame and double needle top stitching. Moreover, you can decide whether to put Acorn, espresso (black), or walnut finish and you can even add an extra mattress to make it more comfortable when you sleep.

The Rand is also one of the top three designs in sofa sleepers. With its heavy frame, comfortable and downy arms, it’s a good buy for those looking for a compact sofa sleeper design. Its meticulous designing will surely turn a lot of heads, and anyone crashing on this sofa sleeper is sure to have the most comfortable night of their lives. It uses a mattress of Tempur Pedic, which is currently the most sought out cushion and mattress material for sofa sleepers and beds. This sofa sleeper, unlike the aforementioned one, has single needle top stitching instead of double needle top stitching. Furthermore, there are under sofa dustcovers installed in this sofa sleeper which keeps away the dust and girth from reaching the mattress. You can decide on which finish to use out of Acorn, espresso (black), or walnut that will suit your aesthetic sense better.

If you want a classic sofa sleeper, you must look at the Patterson’s design which is available at American Leather/ American Upholstery. It has three large capacity seaters when placed in the sofa position with button-tufting and delicate narrow arms. You can decide what material you want the fabric to be, which can be leather or anything of your choice. It has loose cushions and back for maximum comfort and single needle top stitching. Even though it’s quite a fine sofa, you can fit it in a larger living room or even a narrow, smaller room so as to save space and live efficiently. These three top sofa sleeper designs are the most chic thing these days, so revive your sofas and enjoy the comfort!

The Top Most Comfortable Sofa Sleeper

Spending a lot of money in the search of the perfect sofa sleeper and still not ending up with satisfying results can be quite frustrating, especially for those who have their workplaces in their apartments and like to save extra space by buying sofa sleepers instead of space occupying beds. Bed and sofa companies advertise like they own the most comfortable sofa sleepers on the planet, but more often than not, it is just another one of their gimmicks to get their goods sold to the naïve and innocent people. Always take opinions from other individuals before purchasing sofa sleepers, and this is where we will help you. No need of going online reading other people’s comments for we will guide and give you the top three most comfortable sofa sleepers that you can choose from.
The top most comfortable sofa sleeper is the Lubi Graphite Sleeper Day Bed which will look most alluring to those who want two sleepers in one sofa, since it has double mattresses which can be placed side by side, transforming it into almost the perfect bed to sleep on once you are done with the difficult and tiring schedule of your day. The sofa seat measures 17.25″ high, whereas the bed size is 79″ x 8.5″, and has a depth of 64.5″. The top cover can be conveniently removed for dry cleaning. The material used for this comfortable and stylish sofa sleeper is poly-cotton fabric, which is available in a slate graphite color as well as an olive color. Since the sofa has a roll, if you feel like stretching out and reading your favorite novel, you can prop your head up on the roll which acts like a head rest pillow instead of looking for a separate pillow. The sofa foam cushion is manufactured of high elastic polyurethane which is the reason for its high durability and comfort.
The second incredibly soft and comfortable sofa sleeper is the Carlyle Special Hi-Rise Day Bed, which will provide you the ultimate lounging experience and without compromise on the style and elegance of the sofa. The sofa arm height is a regular 31-27”, and the depth and width are 39” and 82” respectively. The best thing about sofa sleepers from Carlyle is that you can get maximum customization, and that is up to you to choose whether the day bed should be made of faux leather or some other fabric, and whether you would want the latex-like mattress seating to be incorporated into your sofa sleeper or not. The sleeper can be stretched out from the bottom of the sofa conveniently and stylishly.
The last one for the top comfortable sofa sleeper is the Smala from Lignet Roset which your guests will certainly enjoy. It is an extraordinarily comfortable sofa which flattens out to become a queen-sized bed. It is firm and has great back support as well as a great design that you will soon find yourself falling in love with, and it’s up to you to either purchase the one with arms, cushions, or not. Comfortable and reasonable buys, so start purchasing!

Top 3 Sofa Sleeper Covers

Do you want to adjust and revamp your sofa sleeper which has become worn out by excess lounging? We bring you the top 3 sofa sleeper cover designs, which will not only transform your worn out sofa, but also add a little more style and elegance to the room environment. Experiment with your creative side and try different sofa sleeper cover designs so that you know what really brings out the most individuality. Whether your sofa sleepers are in the study or your living room, you shouldn’t be worried about the perfect blends of sofa sleeper covers that will enhance your room’s look. There are three fundamental designs that most people love – the contemporary, the elegant, and the lavish covers, which speaks of grandeur and comfort.

The top most sofa sleeper covers are the popular vinyl sofa covers. These vinyl sofa covers are most commonly called the faux leather sofa covers, which can be used as a substitute for the expensive leather sofa covers. The advantage of using vinyl sofa sleeper covers is that they are available in a multitude of colors and are even obtainable in clear covers. Their durability makes them a top favorite to be used in the making of sofa sleepers, which have to be so often utilized and cleaned. Cleaning these covers will also not pose much of an issue as vinyl sofa covers can be readily cleaned by any damp cloth, and if the vinyl sofa sleeper is textured, a soft plastic brush can be used. For maximum  elegance, keep this sofa covers away  from pets with sharp claws as well as direct and prolonged sunlight, since that might cause fading to the beautiful color.

The next best deal in sofa sleeper covers are the waterproof sofa covers. This is a viable and very attractive option for many of those people who throw regular house parties with a lot of drinks around, or those who have toddlers crawling all  over the place. These waterproof sofa sleeper covers are manufactured either out of plastic or faux leather, both of which can be available in a variety of colors for maximum creativity and uniqueness to be exhibited from your room. If you have a very exquisite sofa sleeper, you can even purchase the transparent waterproof sofa sleeper covers. Moreover, you will not have to go through the hassle of cleaning your sofas all the time, since these covers are very protective and can be easily cleaned by wiping it with wet cloth.

If you want to add in a touch of life as well as elegance to your living room, you must try out the always in fashion zebra print sofa sleeper covers. These covers never go out of date. The strips don’t necessarily have to be black and white since designers have started adding bronze strips instead of white in some sofa cover styles. The rest of your room will love more spacious. These covers can be made of faux leather, cotton, wool, or fabric blends – any material that you desire.

Even though each season brings with it new in vogue styles, these three top sofa sleeper cover styles are the most popular in almost every season, so stay in style and enjoy the comfort.